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Philosophy of Coaching

With multiple athletes succeeding across the NFL and NBA, Coach Lyonel Anderson's principles of coaching and training are proven. Our programs are designed with three key principles in mind - being explosive, being conditioned and being aggressive.  We strive to physically build each athlete from the ground up, while also influencing their mental preparation in a positive way. 

We embody physical and mental toughness and are a positive influence on athletes seeking the same. Our high energy levels and motivational style are uncommon and highly valuable assets to any athlete.

Sports Coached

We coach multiple sports including youth basketball, football, track and field, swimming and men's and women's tennis. We offer individual and group sessions. 

We coach athletes on all levels - from Pop Warner/PeeWee, to middle and high school, through college and at the pro level.

We focus on fundamentals, skills, agility, speed, strength and conditioning programs that yield better change of direction, increased vertical jump, lowering body mass index, increased endurance, flexibility, footwork stretching and other recovery modalities.


"When I first met Coach L I was an out of shape baseball player going into my junior year with no real idea about weight training and everything that goes into being an athlete. I didn't have a ton of college attention at the time and I told coach L that my goal was to be a draft pick at the end of my senior year. 

Over those 2 years I was taught how to strive for greatness everyday whether it was early morning workouts or working to exhaustion and puking, coach L made me work to be a beast. He gave me the confidence I needed to be the best that I can be. 

In 2 years he turned be into a physically and mentally stronger athlete and turned me into a draft pick! For that I am very thankful for him! I wouldn't be where I'm at without him." - Riley Crean, Chicago White Sox

"Coach has been my trainer for over ten years had me at my BEST throughout my NFL and CFL career."  - Brandon Rideau

"Spear Fitness has been providing me with workouts for quite sometime now. We have pushed my body to some extreme limits and he is a phenomenal motivator!" - Jac White

"During my career with the Houston Texans I used to fly all over the country to train with coach. Now having one of the best trainers/coaches/nutritionist in the business now in Houston is a huge plus. I hope people take advantage of all the things his boot camp and training is able to provide!" - Mark Simmons, Houston Texans

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